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Jojoba & Saffron (face oil)

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Jojoba oil straight from Mexico with its pure native origin is blended with freshly extracted saffron, lemongrass, and tea tree which are the only proven formula to get rid of pigmentation, active acne, aging, and surprisingly to get instant brightening. The glow that it leaves behind is magical.

Benefits of using Jojoba & Saffron Face Oil:

 Reduces pigmentation in 28 days.

 Reduces active acne in 4 days.

 Reduces Acne mark in 7 days

 Gives instant glow

 Brightens the skin within 15 uses.

 Reduces wrinkles and prevents the same.

 Being a humectant it helps in retaining water molecules over the skin for long-lasting hydration.


Take 1-2 drops for oily skin and 3-4 drops for dry skin massage with upward stroke until the product is absorbed completely. Proceed with sunscreen application and further skincare routine. Apply 2 times a day for best results.

Magical Ingredients used: 

The active natural ingredient jojoba is chiefly imported from Mexico to enhance its uses at Sash face oil.

Being a humectant it retains moisture in the layers of the epidermis keeping it hydrated for a longer time.

It is antibacterial hence preventing acne and reducing active acne. It is the best treatment for acne-prone skin who are under long-term antibacterial lotions.
The oil is very light and doesn’t make the skin greasy as it is superbly absorbed by the epidermis. The proven best method to reduce breakouts for oily and combination skin.

Jojoba oil from Mexico has proven to synthesize collagen which reduces wrinkles and aging.

Being able to synthesize collagen and rejuvenate skin reduces the stress upon the melanocytes which produce melanin pigment hence reducing pigmentation.
Saffron is always the most important ingredient in traditional medicines because of its obvious active ingredients present. From Vitamin C, E, B12, potassium, calcium, sodium; saffron is the best ingredient found in Indian traditions.




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