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Sash Hair Consultation Workshop

Hair health cannot be maintained by just applying products topically without any science behind it and which just claims to be Organic, Ayurvedic , Allopathic or Old home remedies. We believe in revolutionising the concept and actually help the HAIR FALL SUFFERERS.

There is always a method for applying oil, following the right DIY, having right diet, following perfect routine.
At Sash we don’t believe in just selling you the products, we believe and want you to get 100% result and satisfaction. Lately, we so realised it isn’t just enough for us to explain it through text or other method. Therefore , we take this privilege to organise this 1 hour workshop held on 21st November 2021, at 3pm (tentative).

To brief about our Hair Care experts:
They are trained directly from Supritha Ramesh who is the Founder , Director of Sash products- an award winning hair care brand. She has treated over 800+ hair fall sufferers on one-on-one call and helped each one of them to get rid of hair fall.
Sash products has the privilege to gain 16,000+ customers world wide, helped hair fall sufferers in over 376 cities in India and repeat customers of 87% (accurate numbers based on the survey done). Over 180+ media coverages has been appeared for the tremendous knowledge that our founder has on each aspect of Hair. Some of the media coverages includes: Times of India, Indian Express, ANI, Google news , Yahoo news , Times now, more than 5 articles published on Pinkvilla and Healthsite.

You are absolutely under the right hands, stop wasting your hard earned money on places where you don’t get guaranteed results.

In this 1 hour workshop you will be learning the following tips from our very own Founder who is our Hair Care expert.
• Understand reasons for Hair fall
• Home remedies to reduce hair fall
• Product selection based on hair fall issues
• Maintaining Good hair
• Diet plan for hair loss
• Lifestyle modification to prevent hair fall.

Get all of these worth Rs.899 for FREE now!


    Sash has helped more than 16000 customer solve their hair problems

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