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Sash Aloe Vera Gel is extracted from the potent species that is Aloe barbadensis miller. This pure gel is the on-the-counter gel i.e. it can be used as a multipurpose gel for Skin and Hair. Not only an amazing moisturizer but also a being rich in Vitamin E it rejuvenates the skin and heals the same. By helping the hair grow, it also helps in repairing the hair damages.


Sash Aloe Vera Gel has many Advantages such as:

Topical Skin Application:

 Helps in moisturizing the skin.

 Rejuvenates the skin.

 Heals your abrasions, active acne, psoriasis, and other skin infections.

 Reduces pigmentations.

 Shrinks the pores.

 Being rich in Vitamin E prevents hyperpigmentation.

 Prevents wrinkles

 Prevents over secretion of sebum

 Encourage skin restoration therefore used prior to making up.

 Topical Hair application

 Shiny hair

 Reduces frizz and dry hair

 Reduces split ends

 Smoothens hair

 Easy detangling

 Reduces hair fall

 Prevents dandruff

For external use only. Not for oral intake.
Take the required quantity of the product and gently apply it on the skin after spraying rose mist. Massage the face in upward stroke and let it absorb. Follow by sunscreen and your skin routine

Using Aloe Vera Gel for hair:

Apply as your daily serum after hair wash or daily during combing.
  • Glow pack:
  • 1 spoon rice flour, wheat flour,1/2 spoon fine coffee and turmeric
  • 4 spoons of aloe vera gel
mix the ingredients and use it daily as a face cleanser to get an instant glow.
  • Anti-blemish pack
  • 4 spoons aloe vera
  • 2 spoons coconut oil
  • 2 spoons kasthuri turmeric
  • 2 spoons besan
  • 1 spoon moringa.
Mix the ingredients and apply the packed weekly 4 times
  • Anti-acne pack
  • 4 spoons aloe vera
  • 1 spoon moringa
  • 2 spoons rice flour
  • 1 spoon turmeric
mix the pack well and apply daily.



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