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Virgin coconut oil

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Pure extra virgin coconut oil freshly extracted (centrifuge extracted) from the white flesh of the highest graded coconut. It is high in oxidating Lauric acid, Palmitic acid, protein, fatty acids, Ascorbic acid.

It can be consumed as well as applied skin, scalp and hair

  • 100% Vegan
  • No Mineral Oil
  • No Additives 
  • No Paraffin wax


Advantages of consuming

 Rich in fatty Acids

 Reduces Bad Cholesterol(LDL)


 Enhances body metabolism 

 Prevents hair fall and early skin aging 

 Controls hypertension and diabetes


Advantages of applying 

 The purest form of base oil 

 Rich in fatty acids

 Smoothens hair to a greater extent

 Rich in vitamin C

 Protects hair from external damage 

 Can be used daily 

 Perfect Consistency to heal the scalp 

 Reduces Dandruff and itchy scalp 

 Prevents Oily and dry Scalp 


Quantity:  200 ml

Patch Test recommended.

Store it at room temperature.

**Since it is a natural and organic product, the results may vary for each individual. Use it regularly to see the best results.



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